As first chronicled by the tablets of El Nar'ysr Abbalayar of Alorn-Khanol, then deciphered and reiklicised by Georg of Þurren, whose fragments are here again rendered in abbreviated form by Álwhin of Tið-Rankí, with later accounts from Magistrate Eginhard.

Date Legend Event
889 Year of Three Moons Passing of Eris, no flooding of Reiklandish soil, but large-scale damages in distand lands. Balder is born in south-eastern Samonia.
945 Year of Dark Clouds Balder Lieberknecht falls in battle, temporary halt in the Semnonic insurgence.
946 Year of New Dawn Canonization of St. Balder by Aëtius. Semnonic people turn to the Aëtian faith, resumes their insurgence with great fervour.
990 Year of Fulfilled Dreams Last Winil kingdom subjugated by the Bremenish Empire.
1054 Year of Three Churches The Great Schism of the Balderine takes place, splitting the worship of St. Balder into three distinct schools; the Homousinites, the Anomeans (or Ionites), and the Aëtians.
1335 Year of Red Star The Red Star crashes in Düsterwald (Sin'Haraj). The burning of the Docks of Bremen provokes Hercynia into open conflict. A series of skirmishes takes place in Freimark between the Kakatalian Alliance and the Coalition of St. Balder.
1336 Year of Lost People The Ignition Wars begin. Angry storms create the Sea of Zheyr. The raising of Rogos is carried out. Passing of Eris, great floods wash over Düsterwald. Meckelsborg is annexed by the Reich. The Great Heaping upon Heidmork starts. The war between Bremen and Pruthenia is resumed. The Squabble of Dragons begin.
1337 Year of Turmoil The Second Sun is slain, portfolio subsumed by Thallin. The Collapse of Heidmork puts an end to hostilities west of the Elb, and initiate the Hansson Controversy. The War of the Small Hammer ends. Dwarves of Bukadaban settle in the Pruthenian lowlands. Kaiser Franz is slain, initiating The Great Civil War of Reikland.
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